Lucky Life EP

by The Karlos Kollective

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Brand new first ever release from THE KARLOS KOLLECTIVE.


released March 29, 2016

All tracks written and recorded by Karlos Harrison apart from
Livid Lemon - Lyrics by Sarah Lucy Mccabe
Take the taxi dear - Lyrics and lead vocal by Sarah Lucy Mccabe


all rights reserved



The Karlos Kollective Sheffield, UK

Hi there. The Karlos Kollective is a group led by Karlos Harrison.We produce a range of original songs in various styles including punk/indie/pop/anthems/ballads/harmonies/ acoustic and much more. Thank you so much for visiting for a listen and all the songs are available to purchase through this site. Keep eyes peeled for brand new album coming in November 2016 ... more

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Track Name: Atmosphere
Why don’t you descend upon my darkness
Why don’t you ascend upon my brightness

Asit was left in the arch for you to see
Did it evolve unfathomed heat,
You said go out, you cleared me out
Walking down a long and lonely street
Stop to see a womans blood red feet
She smiled reach out

Don’t be afraid come out to meet
Something special to be released
Its here move out of second gear

Live for the day theres nothing else
Love as we know it hides within
My dear, its clear

It was the sound of a rock that fell
Or the ringing of a chapel bell
It was the sight of the new that’s here
What you think isn’t you, don’t fear

Its not the sound of a rock that fell
In her eyes still a living hell
But then the brightness of truth is here
Knowing eyes in the atmosphere
Track Name: Lucky life
Hearing a sound of the town where I was born
When do you think about home?
When is love clear?
When my soul disappears
down the road of fear
Am I wrong?
Be strong.

Everyone dance in the field of romance
Your mind in a trance. Is it real?
Will you ever see me being wild with a smile on my face?
Turn and walk away and I’m gone.

Lucky Life
Your skins not gone your face is on your
Lucky life
The future’s there but you can’t see inside me
The demons of the past will always haunt us.

Even a taste of the true promised land
Get sucked in quicksand, its never dry.
Sweet melodies ringing out till I depart
You got to break my heart to come in.
Its made of stone.

Cos I need you
I convulse you
Recognise me
Right now

Don’t forget me
Recollect me
From a time when
I was love…..
Track Name: Livid Lemon
Livid lemon
Pastel lounge
Vivid colours
Skin and sound
Sour rooms
Purse the lips
Lemon drops
Sting the tips

Shrinking violet
Backs away
Livid Lemon
Streaks the way
Feel the tingle
Pierce the skin
Dancing juice
Pour it in
Salt the tongue
Kiss the glass
Livid lemon goes down last

Yellow curve
Pale and cold
Once Vivid lemon
Shrinks and folds
Out of juice,
Getting old.
(Now Livid lemon's not so bold.)
Now this pithy story's told.
Track Name: Take the taxi dear
looking glass looked
back at her today.
Showed half a girl
...features worn away.
Stands alone in her home
Tears fall fast in realisation.
That it's gone.

Goodbye love
My friend
Signs for local routes
Came to an end
Roads are blocked ahead
Turn it round, head back to town
You won’t find piece of mind here
Take the taxi dear

Lived divided in their paths
Sharing hurt more than the laughs
Insecurities to the fore
Couldn't take it anymore
It's tough
To end this paragraph
Track Name: Break into a smile
Verse 1
Look into the past
Feelings always last
Sweet dry smell of summer scenes
with whispy waters gleaning

here into the now
time for pride to take a bow
a comfort zone is a nice place
where nothing grows, you'll never know

Everywhere i've been i've found there's something else in me
Everything i've seen i've taken something worthwhile
Everytime I tap a heart, it blows up around me
Stop and look around you at the world, give a smile!

Verse 2
No one can go back
to make a brand new start
Everyone can start from now
and make a brand new end

When one door closes shut
don't focus on the fact its closed
Run over the dusky plain
where its open wide, from all inside

Go through the passage of time my friend
you' won't hear me
Everywhere you runnin
Got to lift the door to
Energy from all the sun
Energy for everyone

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