by The Karlos Kollective

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We found we are writing songs of so many different genres, it was time to create an album of all genres (well nearly). We create music for pleasure and its not for us to pigeon hole listeners to direct them to a narrow minded thinking so against all advice we have created an album to reflect this.


released June 29, 2016

Karlos Harrison - Music, Lyrics, Instruments, Production ©2016 karlosharrison
Sarah Lucy McCabe - Music, Lyrics ©2016 SarahLucyMcCabe



all rights reserved


The Karlos Kollective Sheffield, UK

Hi there. The Karlos Kollective is a group led by Karlos Harrison.We produce a range of original songs in various styles including punk/indie/pop/anthems/ballads/harmonies/ acoustic and much more. Thank you so much for visiting for a listen and all the songs are available to purchase through this site. Keep eyes peeled for brand new album coming in November 2016 ... more

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Track Name: Come on
Stuck in here all day
stuck inside all day hanging out for the fire
know a different way,
can't release the demons that nestle inside
can they go away? No
Waiting for the day to come when eyes are worn
they say involve,evolve, resolve

Layers peel away
layer that felt right but are wrong take a sidestep
People have their say
can they see that life isn't mine, take a sidestep
can you feel the pain my son
undergrowth of colours worn
sit and turn away

So come on
please be strong
we got it wrong
so come on

out inside the day
out insied the day then you feel the fire
walk a different way
realise the dhamma and feel alive now
will it be today? No
distractions, pride, self conscious thoughts
you say resolve, evolve and involve

will you walk away
are you strong or still ever changing
will you say today
knowing of a nature that truly is being
its different from your life my friend
will their ever be an end
or will i drift away??

So come on
please be strong
we got it wrong
so come on
Yeah come on
we are strong
we live and learn
it's not your turn
So come on

won't be long
Yeah come on!!
Track Name: Sleeping with a "B"
0 hours 26
Chilling in the sofa skimming through Netflix
All the hum drum (a replay) of the day is at the back of my tired mind

There's a dull drone in the corner
And she's looking all forlorn
I know it's time to get to bed
But it's a time I've come to dread because...

I'm sleeping with a B
Is it her or is it me that's in a dream?
To entertain eternity
You've got to face the here and now
Push the past back
Close the apps and go to sleep.

She's tapping on the windows
To my soul
With velour gloves
All her comments brush against me
As my brain begins to buzz

I cannot be the real me, gently now she's rubbing me away
And in spite of me I reach for her
And the day fades into grey

I'm sleeping with a B
Is it her or is it me that's in a dream?
To entertain eternity
You've got to face the here and now
Push the past back
Close the apps and go to sleep.

4am Wake fresh as daisies
Blow the cobwebs that have crazy-paved
The darkest corners of my mind
6 o clock now feeling lazy
panda’s wheel’s revolve through hazy
visions that you want her in yourrr life
I turn to chatter but I find that she is sleeping.

Chorus instrumental

She's a daytime buzzer with a honey tongue,
Black and gold
She's not the one
(But I'll let her sting me anyway)
(But she'll sting me anyway)
Track Name: Rose in the rain
Rose in the rain
Filtered paper blurs the frame that is my window
You shrink into the wind
When you should be flying
Heavy is that pink beret
From yesterday
Theres a fog that clouds my view
Pirhouetting’s hard to do
When you don’t know which way to turn to
Hold the now
Its all that you can do
Track Name: Perspectives
You question it again
The who the what the when
In the mirror there is content that you despise
memories lie- "they were good times"
Doesn't seem fair
My Brain screams please listen to me
Leave it all there

Tennis texting
can't bridge gaps between the void
Delete wounds from desperate words
All trace destroyed

Shows snaps of what you want it to be
Paint false pictures of a happier me
"Put up with less and you'll have more." They said.
more of this and I'll be less
More of this and I'll less.

The door always opens both ways
I'm blessed to know that it's ok
to walk through
And sometimes we'll go back again
Track Name: Willow tree
Whisper one more time
There’s kindness in your eyes
Shimmered haze in waters rise
innocencemakes you wise

Your heart brings out the light
A gift so rarely seen
Like a diamond on the hill
Not for you or them to glean

Be still, let go
Summer sun makes your garden grow
Reach out, I’m warmed
You will be my willow tree

Distant lands too far away,
But from the moon you saw
A drop in the ocean wave
Or a leaf in a storm

There are too many hearts
In this world to warm
Open up don’t be afraid
Just to feel it as one.

Be still, don’t say
Summer sun highlights souls astray
Reach in, You’re strong
I will be your Willow tree

In time something else
Will reveal itself
Don’t fall
If your dreams are broken now

I can play this song
You can walk along
The path you shall retrieve
The light you have received
No It won’t be long
No it won’t be wrong
In your willow tree
Track Name: La la la
Out on the Longstone streets
people stopping without needs
tell you that you're older now
and scratching at their furrowed brow
I say its up to me
I discovered what you cannot see
they turn and walk away for now
say you must be drugged somehow
So I go La la la la la la la.......
Someone said, "are you thinking with your head"?
you used to want to slap them down
but did that change their outlook now?
They wanted you to be like me
but you are walking different streets
they want you in their bubble now
so lets continue with that row
So they go la la la la.......
Don't you know that age is just a number
come and join me, lets all see the sunrise inside our souls
lift off all your heavy load
you could be the one that I could save
la la la la
Now when i feel my feet
not heavy with societies beat
I wonder were they wrong somehow
making all our world's Kow tow
The day that you said to me
we've discovered what you see
you unfurl all your furrowed brows
and we shall be at peace somehow
Won't you come back my friend
Track Name: Planet Elf
out on a lead, your cooking chicken with a fry pan full of grease
out on a lead, your dressing to make the room turn 10 degrees
out on a lead, you're watching tv with controllers on your knees
out on a lead, you're a product of a need to succeed

Cooking complete you sit and stuff your face with hand of morseless greed
Dress on your seat, you worry looking like a woman from 15
Sat on you feet, you are a zombie with a mind on repeat
Then you succeed,but that is funny as your life is incomplete

Drinking ginger ale on soaked filled summer days
Grifter, BMX are parked
Ball on willow brings you back when you're astray
How so? You know

shot in the knee that ime
you give me old folk stories and boxed up wine
The i said you gotta retrieve that pound
that gives us Bowie, Lennon and all that sound
shot in the knee in time
i give you young folk's stories and rose wine
then you said you gotta retrieve yourself
don't become a walking , talking planet elf

How about a though of looking to the past
flashing screens, the scrambled mind
see a still oaked tree
and you don't need to ask, you know

Track Name: Everyman dies, not everyman lives
Crouched in the cold on a poppy seed
Drunk with fatigue, deafened tone
Bitter as cud entrenched inside
March asleep, echos of ghosts we know

Piece of lead scribbled unchosen destiny
brandy flows, cigar burns in my thigh
Invincible, just 13, dreams encased in a capsule
as the button lights up one man's eyes

If the sky falls around
do we watch with glee
if the sea fades to black
where will we be
Compassion trust human love
not bitter empathy
we owe it all to our past
not for eternity
Track Name: Scared of Silence
Part 1
Running away out on the ocean
I feel a mistake in me
Now i do know, what i have been through
to feel like this

And then you went away
Can't say what you think today
like a jam pot, release the top and see

Once you came down, see me scared of silence
I know that you frowned again
Look at the trees, see what they see
and believe in me

I've got another chance
come with me we can dance
through the rough seas
into the breeze and feel me

Part 2
Today you are you
truer that true maybe you'll find a way
Cos you are you
No one else alive is you can have your say
Don't be sad its gone
give a smile thinking about what it was
You can run alone you can run alone
Fall in as you run away
Oh today
Fall in as you run away

Part 3
You will see all the things you need
not to live your life to please
then you will land at what they know

Hold on my hand, talk me the ocean
and feel how we stand today
I'm off the edge, come and lead forward
receive my grace
Track Name: Goodbye is a silent word
Silence on the lips, and tears in the eye,
please, do not start to cry,
No need to talk at all,
I felt I would fall
through an abyss there with you...
I don’t know what I’d do...

Goodbye is a silent word,
hearts so easily feel hurt,
and ,soon’ seems that far away,
will we meet again, who can say...?
goodbye is a silent word...
just a silent word...

You and I, yes, we both have always known
one day I’d have to go,
I feel I want to die,
don’t start to cry,
and now that day is here
I simply cannot stand those tears...

Goodbye is a silent word,
hearts so easily feel hurt,
and ,soon’ seems that far away,
will we meet again, who can say...?
goodbye is a silent word...
just a silent word...

Give me a hug, give me a kiss,
I will miss nothing more than this
and all the small things...
that I will lack...
I say soon I’ll be back,
but who knows what the future brings...?